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“Equal access to science is not only a social and ethical requirement for human development, but also essential for realizing the full potential of scientific communities worldwide and for orienting scientific progress towards meeting the needs of humankind”.

The World Conference on Science, 1999, held under the auspices of UNESCO and the ICSU

The Libyan International Medical University (LIMU) believes that knowledge empowers citizens and helps to improve their lives. One of its central roles is to improve access to information and knowledge for Libyan citizens and others through appropriate use of information and communication technologies.

The Libyan International Medical University - Digital Repository (LIMU-DR) supports management of scholarly information resources of enduring value to LIMU University. Faculty, students, and researchers use LIMU-DR services to promote and protect the products of their work. Scholars around the world use content in the LIMU-DR in their research. The benefits of this service distinguish the LIMU-DR from other content storage or management options on campus: deposited content is preserved in a robust, reliable, and secure environment for access by scholars today and for generations to come.

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