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  • Respiratory failure 

    Naser, Algembre (2020)
  • Respiratory system 

    د.القمبرى, ناصر (2019)
  • Respiratory system 

    Bashir Eloribi (2020-11-03)
  • restaurant reservations - Thanaa 

    Elbourki, Thanaa (Faculty of Information Technology, 2019)
    This is a little sample of what a reservation website would look like. This program can be improved in many different ways. The purpose of this website is to save time and effort for the customers, instead of going to a ...
  • Restrictive Cardiomyopathy 

    Alagoury, Malak Mohammed (faculty of Basic Medical Science - Libyan International Medical University, 2018-03-12)
  • Retaj alobaidy, 

    alobaidy, Retaj (Faculty of Pharmacy, 2019-05-19)
  • A Review of the Technology of Cloud Computing 

    BerrasAli, Ali; Al Mutterdi, Mohammed (Libyan International Medical University, Faculty of Information Technology, 2019-05-17)
    This poster illustrates the basic concepts of cloud computing, including its delivery and deployment models. Furthermore , the impacts of delivery and deployment models on the practical environments
  • A review of Tuberculosis cases in Al Quefia hospital for two years 2010 and 2015 

    Elbarghthi, Hawa-A- (faculty of Basic Medical Science - Libyan International Medical University, 2018-06-30)
    Tuberculosis (TB) is a potentially serious infectious disease that mainly affects your lungs. The bacteria that cause tuberculosis are spread from one person to another through tiny droplets released into the air via ...
  • Reviving the Scientific Day of Down Syndrome 

    Glessa, Sara (Dr. Jamal Eltalhi, 2017-03)
  • RFT 

    Mohamed Osama (2020-11-18)
  • Rheumatic Fever 

    Zaki Beltamer (2019)
  • Rheumatism 

    Mazek (, Balqes; Saad, Haneen (Faculty of Pharmacy, 2020-03-05)
  • Rheumatism 

    maziq, Balqes; saad, Haneen (Faculty of pharmacy, 2020-04-22)
  • Rheumatoid arthritis 

    Naser, Algembre (2020)
  • Rhinosinusitis 

    Dr. Salem Alzwai (2020-09-20)
  • Rights and Duties of Employees 

    Gehani, Lubna (Faculty of Business Administration, 2021-01-19)

    Khaled, Omar (2021-01-05)
  • Risk Estimation of Breast Cancer 

    Elfigih, Seraj Omar B. (faculty of Basic Medical Science - Libyan International Medical University, 2018-04-13)
    Breast cancer is cancer that develops from breast tissue and is the leading type of cancer in women. Several methods have been introduced to predict the risk of developing breast cancer which include but not limited to; ...
  • Risk Factors and Etiology of Young Ischemic Stroke 

    Ezwaie, Ragheda Mohamed (faculty of Basic Medical Science - Libyan International Medical University, 2018-04-14)
    Stroke incidence rises steeply with age; therefore, stroke in younger people (18-50 years) is less common and is currently estimated to constitute up to 15–18% of all ischemic strokes. However, stroke in a young person ...
  • Risk Factors for Cancer (Age, Heredity, Geographic, and Environmental). 

    khalid, Marwa; Abdurrahman, Sara; Tagorei, Ali (Faculty of pharmacy, 2019-02-24)