Myobrace as an alternative to conventional orthodontics treatment

Elnaili, Salma Ali ; Bushwigeer, Sara Salaheddin ; Alzway, Abdelkareim Aiad (2019)


Malocclusion is caused by several factors such as tongue thrusting, lip, thumb and nail sucking, clenching as well as mouth breathing. In other words, oral behavior habits are the most common reason of the malocclusion. Moreover, these habits reduce the child's craniofacial development resulting in orthodontic problems. In order to deal with these incorrect myofunctional habits myobrace can be used. However, Myobrace is a system of intra-oral appliance that utilized in interceptive orthodontic cases. Its mechanism is a combination of preventive, petitioners and a myofunctional therapy. This device aims to straighten the teeth and correct jaw development in order to prevent underdeveloped jaw. In addition, it allows the children to breathe through their nose and rest the tongue in correct position. Aims: This study aimed to describe the Myobrace and how it can be used as an alternative to the conventional orthodontic treatment. Materials and methods: A questionnaire containing 12 questions was sent to 70 people including: Orthodontic specialists, dental students as well as a particular number of parents in order to evaluate the knowledge and experience about Myobraces among them and it also focused on the prevalence of oral habits in children. Results: This study showed the lack of use of the device in Benghazi and it revealed that 92% of participators do not have any information about it as well as its advantages, 68% of Parents stated that their children have at least one bad oral habit. Conclusion: Myobrace system improves the systemic health of a child by correcting hazardous habits like tongue thrusting, mouth breathing or lip sucking which prevent the need for future orthodontic treatment.

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