The Prevalence of Diabetic Nephropathy In Benghazi Diabetic Patients at Benghazi Diabetic Center

Roaeid, Aya Ragab B. (2018-06-30)

Diabetes Mellitus It is a group of metabolic disease characterized by hyperglycemia resulting from defects in insulin secretion, insulin action, or both1


Aim: The object of this study is to report on the prevalence of proteinuria in diabetic patients at BDC. Material and method: Included in this study 123 diabetic patients ( 75 “61%” males and 48 “39%” females ). All patients were subjected to through history including age, duration of diabetes, presence of hypertension, type of treatment, urea, creatinine, fasting blood glucose, and HBA1C. Date is presented as mean and as percentage of total. Results: Off 123 diabetic patients, 75 are males and 48 are females. Mean age of the whole group is 9.6 (1-33 Y) Mean duration of diabetes of the whole group is 6.5 (5.6-11.6 Y) Mean HbA1c is 89.4mg Off all patients, 45 were hypertensive and 78 were not Off all patients, 47 had microalbuminuria and 5 had macroalbuminuria Off all patients, 73 patients were on oral treatment, 3 patients were on insulin, and 46 patients were on combined.

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