Online Learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Issues and Challenges

Elberkawi, Ebitisam ; Maatuk, Abdelsalam ; Elharish, Salma ; Eltajoury, Wala (2021)


Covid-19 has been declared by the World Health Organization a pandemic that poses a new hazard to humankind. This has resulted in a global close-down of several operations, including education events. This led universities to migrate their education systems from traditional to online systems using e-learning educational platforms. The goal of this paper is to recognize the most relevant challenges and issues the associated with using e-learning as seen through the perspective of university students. It also observers their opinions and measures their level of readiness and satisfaction to adopt the e-learning methods existing in Libya. A descriptive method has been conducted and an online questionnaire was sent to collect data from students to explore the challenges facing them in e-learning during coronavirus pandemic lockdown. The research community consists of students from six faculties at the Libyan International Medical University (LIMU). The statistical analysis of the data was executed by means of SPSS. The mean and standard deviation of all questionnaire items are recorded and analyzed. Through the analysis of the results, the social challenge comes at the forefront with a large percentage, Then there's the issue of students' problems as they relate to e-learning. The challenges that arise from the lecturers are not as effective as social and student challenges. In general, an average of more than or equal to 3.44 was obtained through the four challenges, which are associated with a high degree of acceptance and thus each of them has a substantial influence on e-learning.

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