Sex determination using foramen magnum: A study on computerized tomographic images of normal Libyan adults

Jamal, Omar Gnieber (2021-08-01)


The purpose of this research is to study the sexual dimorphism of the sagittal diameter (SD) and transverse diameters (TD) of the foramen magnum (FM) among healthy Libyan adults. The study sample included a computerized tomography (CT) images of 46 individual (27 male, 19 female) their age ranged from (18 to 75). The length (SD) and the width (TD) of the 46 individuals was measured using FM was measured. The obtained data (sex, age, SD of FM. TD of FM) was then entered and analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). The result showed a statistically significant different in FM parameters between both sexes, For SD, (P value=0.000), For TD (P value=0.007). The mean sagittal diameter was (3.89cm) for males, and (3.46cm) for females. The mean transverse diameter was (3.29cm) for males, and (3.00cm) for females. The study thus demonstrates that there is a statistically significant different in the foramen magnum dimension between both sexes in the Libyan population. Which can be helpful in sex determination in forensic medicine

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