Urine Output Response To Lasix

Hassan, Aya (2022-09-05)


Furosemide is a sulphonamide-type loop diuretic the presence of a FUR dose necessary to produce identical urine excretion rates, FUR in both sexes in pharmacological development and clinical intervention have been shown. researchers investigated the diuretic response of oral 40mg furosemide in 12 normal volunteers. Each patient received a single dosage of furosemide. total urine production was collected over the next 6 hours for urine volume assessment female range from 216.0 to 518.4 ml and the mean of urine output among male range from 302.4 to 604.8ml there were no statistical significant different between gender and urine output amount (P=0.142) ,(p > 0.05) in terms of urine flow excretion rates among the treatments.