The Incidence Rate of Asymptomatic Bacteriuria among Of Participants 63 (33 Females and 30 Males) Of LIMU Students

Abdalsalam, Nouralhuda (2022-09-13)


UTI and asymptomatic bacteriuria occur due to bacteria present on the skin and around the rectum and vagina The aim of this report to know the incidence rate of asymptomatic bacteriuria among of participants: 63 (33 females and 30 males), also understand the correlation between it and the gender and because there is a confusion between it and the UTI. A macCkonkey and blood agar were used to wipe the urine sample on it in the experiment. The biostatics was done by chi square shows 00 of females and 00 of males was significant no growth and 00 of females was positive. The result shows more infection in female than males.