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  • Taguchi’s design’s Optimization of Commercial Steel Welding made by Semi-Automated GTAW 

    Saleh, Elfallah (Published in: 2023 IEEE 3rd International Maghreb Meeting of the Conference on Sciences and Techniques of Automatic Control and Computer Engineering (MI-STA), 2023-05-21)
    Abstract: GTAW is a widely used welding process in industry. It has advantageous mechanical and metallurgical properties over other welding processes such as GMAW. In order to obtain optimal welding conditions, it’s vital ...
  • Usability Evaluation of a Locally Developed Software Using Iso Metrics 

    Elmhdwi, Alla; Elfallah, Ehab; Maatuk, Abdelsalam; Benamer, Sami (Faculty of Information Technology, 2024-02-12)
    In the information technology era, there is a rapid noticeable increase in software application demand, especially in the last decade. Software development firms are established to meet this demand. Due to the common lack ...
  • Validation Framework for Aspectual Requirements Engineering (ValFAR) 

    Alshareef, Sohil; Maatuk, Abdelsalam; Abdelaziz, Tawfig; Hagal, Mohammed (2021)
    Aspect-Oriented Requirements Engineering (AORE) extends the existing requirements engineering approaches to support the identification and handling of crosscutting concerns. Crosscutting concerns are considered as potential ...
  • Vision-Based One-Dimensional Barcode Detection 

    Ishtewi, Nada; Abdalla, Mohamed (2020)
    The correct barcode detection is an important task to identify items and products from images. It is the cornerstone of the barcode decoding stage. Simply, incorrect detection leads to incorrect recognition. There are ...