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  • A Framework for Improving Data Quality in Data Warehouse: A Case Study 

    Ali, Taghrid; Abdelaziz, Tawfig; Maatuk, Abdelsalam; Elakeili, Salwa (2021)
    Nowadays, the development of data warehouses shows the importance of data quality in business success. Data warehouse projects fail for many reasons, one of which is the low quality of data. High-quality data achievement ...
  • Generating UML Class Diagram using NLP Techniques and Heuristic Rules 

    Elakeili, Salwa; Abdelnabi, Esra; Maatuk, Abdelsalam; Abdelaziz, Tawfig (IEEE, 2021-01-26)
    Several tools and approaches have been proposed to generate Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagrams. Researchers focus on automating the process of extracting valuable information from Natural Language (NL) text to generate ...
  • A Novel Method for Estimate the Structure Design Complication of Multi-Agents Based Systems 

    Abdelaziz, Tawfig; Elmarzaki, Howayda; Elakeili, Salwa; Maatuk, Abdelsalam (IEEE, 2022-05-23)
    Making a design decision in architecture design (AD) is challenging, especially when the system has many components and interactions. The complication is evident in the design phase of agents-based systems that are assigned ...