Alice in wonderland syndrome

Altera, Alla Ahmed (2018-05-04)

The syndrome is sometimes called Todd's syndrome, in reference to an influential description of the condition in 1955 by Dr. John Todd , who was a British Consultant Psychiatrist at High Royds Hospital at Menston in West Yorkshire, Todd discovered that several of his patients experienced severe migraine headaches causing them to see and perceive objects as greatly out of proportion lead to size distortion such as micropsia (more small) , macropsia(more huge), pelopsia (more near), or teleopsia (more far), and this distortion may occur of other sensory modalities . And usually hiding behind it a wide set of differential diagnoses (e.g. temporal lobe epilepsy, pediatric migraine, Epstein-Barr viral infection, non-specific hyperpyrexia,


Alice in wonderland syndrome is a rare type of neurological disorder leads to a group of vision disorder and a sense of emptiness and the sense of time , in this report will discuss the syndrome, its etiology and pathophysiology in different diseases

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