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The incidence of Breast cancer in eastern Libya for the year 2017

dc.contributor.authorEltaib, Muhammad
dc.descriptionBreast Cancer is an important health concern in Libya, especially in the setting of an aging population and limited healthcare facilities. Breast cancer starts when cells in the breast begin to grow out of control. These cells usually form a tumor that can often be seen on an x-ray or felt as a lump. The tumor is malignant (cancer) if the cells can grow into (invade) surrounding tissues or spread (metastasize) to distant areas of the body. Breast cancer occurs almost entirely in women, but men can get breast cancer, tooen_US
dc.description.abstractCancer registration in Libya is still limited. So we present (Muhammad El Taib, Sanad El Denaly and Hammad El Ydri ) in this report the data were obtained from the patient records of those who were diagnosed in the Department of Oncology at the Benghazi Medical Center (BMC) from January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017 compared on those diagnosed in the year 2012 and 2003. The aim of this report to explain what are the expected risk factors that responsible for the elevation that happened in eastern Libya along the last Fourteen years (2003-2017)en_US
dc.publisherfaculty of Basic Medical Science - Libyan International Medical Universityen_US
dc.rightsAttribution 3.0 United States*
dc.titleThe incidence of Breast cancer in eastern Libya for the year 2017en_US

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