How alcohol leads to malnutrition and it’s complications

Nagem, Annas Mahmud (2018-04-13)

Alcohol consumption is a normal habbit and social activity in most countries especially western and asian countries , it is thought to give a sense of reward and satisfaction , although recent studies have confirmed that excessive alcohol consumption through several different ways may cause malnutrition , depend on the nutrient deficient , several different complications and consequences develop , how these series of pathological events occurs is what this report is mainly about


alcohol consumption by evidence in recent studies is thought to play a role in causing malnutrition , either by breaking down the gastrointestinal tract digestive enzymes thus preventing nutrient metabolism and absorption , or impairing nutrient active transport and increasing gut wall permeability by cause damage to the gut mucosa , alcohol is also known to be a diuretic leading to fluid and nutrient loss through micturition , important nutrient deficiencies include protein deficiency , fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A ( retinol ) , vitamin E , vitamin D , vitamin K and water soluble vitamins such as vitamin B1 ( thiamine ) , vitamin B2 ( riboflavin ) , vitamin C ( ascorbic acid ) , niacin ( vitamin B3 , nicotinic acid ) , vitamin B6 ( pyridoxine ) , , folic acid deficiency , also fluid loss during micturition leads to dehydration and loss of important ions such as magnesium , potassium and sodium , a deficiency in these nutrients may lead to life threating complications and for that reason it is best to avoid intake of alcohol1

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