Heart Complications Related To Androgenic Anabolic Steroids

Nagem, Annas Mahmud (2018-06-29)

Androgenic-anabolic steroids , also known in public as the body building steroids , are synthetic steroids proven to significantly increase body masculinity , especially for people who wish to be heavily masculine in a shorter period of time , even though it achieves body masculinity , it’s constant and prolonged use causes negative side effects and complications which range from light unwanted side effect such as acne , baldness , and the deepening of voice in women , to moderate and not life threatening to seriously life threatening side effects and complications , moderate side effects such as testicular shrinkage and reduced sperm count in men and abnormal changes women’s menstrual cycle , even more seriously heart attacks can occur due to the increased formation of LDL ( low density lipoprotein ) , also known as the body’s bad cholesterol , additional heart problems result from initiated vascular thrombosis , cardiac hypertrophy and also sudden vasospasm , and finally liver damage can occur due to the excessive use of these steroids , aside from the physical effects , these steroids also have mental or psychological side effect , in many cases after the withdrawal of steroids , some people , especially serious body builders who may feel inconfident , seeing themselves as lean even though perfectly fit , causing them to reach a quite depressed and even suicidal state , a condition known the reverse anorexia syndrome , although the effect of androgenic-anabolic steroids specifically on the heart is what this report is mainly about


Androgenic anabolic steroids are synthetic steroid drugs ( Anadrol , oxadrin , dianabol , deca-durabolin , equipoise ) contribute significantly to the development of masculinity , although it’s use may be associated with several life threatening heart problems , including myocardial infarctions since it increases the level of LDL ( bad cholesterol ) and decreases the level of HDL ( good cholesterol ) , AAS can also cause sudden cardiac death due to the increased heart oxygen demand after cardiac hypertrophy and fibrosis , finally AAS may lead to thrombosis due to the initiation of clotting factors

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