Depression in medical students

Naji, Reem (2018-06-15)

Medical students experience substantial stress from the beginning of the training process.Although some degree of stress is a normal part of medical training and can be a motivator for some individuals, not all students find stress constructive. For many individuals, stress arouses feelings of fear, incompetence, uselessness, anger, and guilt and can be associated with both psychological and physical morbidity,Students use various coping mechanisms to process stress that vary by year in training and source of stress


Factors associated with depression of medical students are poorly understood The purpose of this study is to determine the prevalence of depression in medical students, its change during the course, if depression persists for affected students, what are the factors associated with depression and how these factors change over time,and to assess the exposure to different stressors and the prevalence of depression among medical students at different levels of education,taking gender differences into account. Stress is usually a precursor to anxiety and anxiety is usually a precursor to depression, can reduce the efficiency of healthy individuals, This study is aimed to observe the levels of depression, leads to stresses and its effect on vital parameters during academic curriculum,Three studies from different countries confirm that depression among medical students is higher than that of students in other disciplines, the first in America, the second in Portugal and the latest in Saudi Arabia.

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