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Dental Care During Pregnancy

dc.contributor.authorEldafir, Randa Faraj
dc.descriptionPregnancy is a unique period during a woman’s life and is characterized by complex physiological changes, which may adversely affect oral health. At the same time, oral health is key to overall health and well being. Preventive, diagnostic, and restorative dental treatment is safe throughout pregnancy and is effective in improving and maintaining oral health. However, health professionals often do not provide oral health care to pregnant women. At the same time, pregnant women, including some with obvious signs of oral disease, often do not seek or receive care. In many cases, neither pregnant women nor health professionals understand that oral health care is an important component of a healthy pregnancy., women in poor dental health readily transmit the tooth decay pathogen Streptococcus mutans from their saliva to their infants resulting in increased risk of early childhood caries. Preventive services and treatment for acute problems should be recommended, fears allayed, and women referred .Dental x-rays may be performed safely with the use of appropriate shielding. Non-emergent interventions are best provided between 14 and 20 weeks of gestation for comfort and optimal fetal safetyen_US
dc.description.abstractOral health is essential to overall health in the prenatal period. . Several studies have shown an association between periodontal disease and poor pregnancy outcomes including preterm birth. Maintaining good oral health may have a positive effect on cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other disorders To potentiate general health and well-being, women should routinely be counseled about the maintenance of good oral health habits throughout their lives as well as the safety and importance of oral health care during pregnancyen_US
dc.publisherfaculty of Basic Medical Science - Libyan International Medical Universityen_US
dc.rightsAttribution 3.0 United States*
dc.titleDental Care During Pregnancyen_US

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