Cleft lip and palate

Elferjani, Wisal Salah (2018-04-19)

Cleft lip and cleft palate, also known as orofacial cleft, is a group of conditions that includes cleft lip (CL), cleft palate (CP), and both together (CLP).[1][2] A cleft lip contains an opening in the upper lip that may extend into the nose.[1] The opening may be on one side, both sides, or in the middle.[1] A cleft palate is when the roof of the mouth contains an opening into the nose.[1] These disorders can result in feeding problems, speech problems, hearing problems, and frequent ear infections.[1] Less than half the time the condition is associated with other disorders


Cleft lip and palate is the most common craniofacial malformation, comprising 65 per cent of all anomalies affecting the head and neck.It is caused by failure fusion of the embryological processes that comprise the upper lip occurs around the sixth week of 'mtra-uterine life.The aim of this report is to determine the management of cleft lip and palate.

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