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Testicular feminization syndrome

dc.contributor.authorAlmurtadi, Mohamed
dc.descriptiontesticular feminization is the syndrome when a male , genetically XY, because of various abnormalities of the X chromosome , is resistant to the action of the androgen hormones , which in turn stops the forming of the male genitalia and gives a female phenotype . The androgen insensitivity syndrome occurs in one out of 65000 births and can be incomplete {various sexual ambiguities} or complete {person appears to be a woman} the syndrome is X-linked recessive condition. The taint being transmitted maternallyen_US
dc.description.abstractaim of this study is to describe the testicular feminization syndrome {androgen insensitivity syndrome}en_US
dc.publisherfaculty of Basic Medical Science - Libyan International Medical Universityen_US
dc.rightsAttribution 3.0 United States*
dc.titleTesticular feminization syndromeen_US

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Attribution 3.0 United States
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