Enamel hypoplasia

mohammed, fatama (2018-04-19)

Enamel Hypoplasia is a developmental disturbance of the teeth which can be outcome of a trauma or an infection before its eruption in the oral cavity.It is usually characterized by the disruption in the enamel matrix formation. Turners hypoplasia if we found it in the anterior area of the mouth, the most likely cause is the trauma to the tooth bud. clinical the enamel hypoplasia is the most one that have unfavorable esthetics,higher,malocclusion and dental caries susceptibility


Enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, and is therefore vital to the health of your teeth. Not everyone & apos;s is the strongest, though, and still others have an teeth without enamel at all. Without enamel that protect the softer interior parts of your teeth, they can not stand up to the stress of natural biting and chewing. And These abnormal developments require special care and treatment

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