The Prevalence Of Intra-Oral Complications In Orthodontic Treatment

Bushwigeer, Sara Salaheddin (2018-06-28)

Orthodontic treatment ensures proper alignment of the teeth and improves the occlusal and jaw relationship. This not only aids in better mastication, speech, and facial aesthetics, but also contributes to general and oral health, thereby improving the quality of life, The most important aspect of orthodontic care is to have an extremely high standard of oral hygiene before and during orthodontic treatment, Because bad oral hygiene will increase the risk of complications However, the most commonly reported adverse effects of orthodontic treatment includes, Root Resorption, tooth discolorations, decalcification, periodontal complications, so It is essential that adequate safety measures are included with this type of treatment.


Orthodontic treatment aims at restoring correct occlusion and chewing function and improving the aesthetics of the dentition and facial esthetics of the patient but like any other treatment modalities, in addition to its benefits, it is also associated with risks and complications, it has the potential to cause significant damage to hard and soft tissues. This repot aims to highlight the prevalence of the main inta-oral complications during orthodontic treatment.

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