Meetings of the Curriculum Consultancy Committee at the Faculty of Pharmacy 2019

Bukhatwa, Salma (2019-09-07)

The Curriculum Consultancy Committee at the Faculty of Pharmacy concluded its work for the year 2019, after the completion of its meetings held in Alexandria, Arab Republic of Egypt, August 2019. Most notable of these meetings was the review of the curricula of the professional phase of the PharmD program, Interprofessional Education, Scientific Research by PharmD students, and the objectives and requirements of clinical training of PharmD students. It is worth mentioning that the PharmD program at the Libyan International Medical University is the first in Libya and it adopts active learning strategies including problem-based and team-based learning. The administration of the Faculty of Pharmacy expresses its sincere thanks to all the sponsors of the meeting, including; Exir Benghazi for the import of medicines, Alpha Medical Company, Arab Experts for Training and Consultancy and Alkhebra Company for Touristic Investment for their unlimited support in the framework of strengthening the partnership with stakeholders of the program outputs as well as strengthening the partnership with different community components.


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