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Since established in 2007, Faculty of Pharmacy at Libyan International Medical University, adopted the Bachelor of Pharmacy program which has been replaced, in 2016, by the PharmD program, as a response to health sector needs in Libya. PharmD program adopts a fully integrated curriculum throughout the five years of study and strategy followed in learning is the Problem-Based Learning. The 5-years program curriculum - composed of 20 integrated core blocks - stresses on active learning, critical thinking, self-learning, problem-solving and clinical experience to prepare students for participating in a variety of professional settings. Clinical teaching within the program provides students with hands-on experience in hospitals, community pharmacy, government institution and other settings.


Academic Year 2017/2018 Faculty of Pharmacy Adopts OSPE for Assessment of Practical Skills of PharmD Students. First year PharmD students attended Objective Structured Practical Exams (OSPE) for Block I of their studies for the first time at LIMU. The exam structure was decided by the Curriculum Development Committee (CDC) at Faculty of Pharmacy and the evaluation of student at each station was done using a check list that has been approved by the CDC. 17.01.2018 First year students completed Calculus course and did final exam.

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