Debriefing Session for Fourth Year Pharmacy Students

Students, PharmD (2020-01-11)

A debriefing session on the educational objectives of block 15 entitled Neurological and Psychological Disorders was held for fourth year Pharmacy students. During the debriefing session, the students presented and discussed the information they had obtained from books and other scientific references in order to determine if the information was compatible with the learning objectives they had previously determined from the analysis and discussion in the brainstorming session. At the end of the debriefing session, students evaluated their performance according to what is known as Peer Evaluation. It is worth noting that through this method and educational system, the student gains an opportunity to research the educational objectives and consult on the depth and accuracy of the information with the tutor during the tutor availability session. Moreover, the information extraction and brainstorming sessions are held according to the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) method. PBL is a science known as Self-Learning where students learn and research by themselves, and it is an advanced educational system that provides students with a specific problem.


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