the Role of Vitamin C in the Treatment and Prevention of Common Cold

Almslati, Arwa Alsalmi (2017-05-31)

Technical Report

A lot of studies have been done since the isolation of L-ascorbic acid, in different approaches as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and cataract. Although most of the studies followed a scientific ways to determine if there’s a relation between the recover from common cold and vitamin C, most of the time the opinions were contradicted. This debate could lead us to new approaches if the researches in this field continue. Since small amount of ascorbic acid prevent scurvy about 10mg per day, the research in this field started with small intake up to 200 mg/day which considered a huge number compered with the needed amount to prevent scurvy; this led most of the scientists to relatively false conclusions. On the other hand, using large amount up to 3mg per day found of good value in enhance the immune system to prevent diseases, while other studies also used a large amount of ascorbic acid found it of a little benefit if any in treating common cold and most of the benefit were due to Psychological factors; as the participants thought they were taken the real pills. Another point to look at is that

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