Breastfeeding reduce the risk of breast cancer

Moussa Nasr Aloud, Amira Moussa Nasr Aloud (2020-03-17)

Breast cancer is the most common gynecological tumor in females, in addition to it is the second most common cancer after skin cancer and most widely diagnosed cancer in the world among women (1) . Approximately 22% of newly diagnosed cases of cancer in women are breast cancer each year, and 17–36% of all breast cancer cases women under the age of 40 on top of that, Breast cancer is the main cause of cancer mortality in women aged 35–64(2) The rapid rise in breast cancer incidence is a new social challenge due to multiple risk factors(2), including the age of a woman and family history, specifically having a first-degree relative with breast cancer(1)


Background: Breast cancer is the most common gynecological tumor in females and the most widely diagnosed cancer in the world . breastfeeding has different benefits for babies, it supports the antibodies of their immune system, the benefits include the mothers as well, Breastfeeding maybe help mothers to avoid the risk of several illnesses, one of them is the breast cancer. Evidence shows that Breastfeeding inversely with breast cancer that's why mothers who breastfeed have less chance to get breast cancer. Material and Method: Case-Control research in women between the ages of 30 and 64 in selected health care facilities in the western province of Brazil analyzed a total of 100 recent breast cancer cases and 203 controls (age and paritymatched). Detailed information was collected using a structured questionnaire on breastfeeding, menstrual, reproductive factors, passive smoking, and other confounders. Results: Compared with women breastfeeding for a total of 0-11 months in their lifetimes, the risk of breast cancer reduced by 66.3% in breastfeeding women for 12-23 months, women breastfeeding for 24-35 months reduced by 87.4% and women breastfeeding 36-47 months by 94%. Discussion: women who breastfed 0–11 months of life had been Compared to others, the risk reduction was 66 percent, 87 percent, and 94 percent, respectively, for women who breastfed 12, 24, and 36 completed months . Conclusion: The Research shows that mothers who breastfeed have a lower risk of breast cancer compared to none, and the percentage of reduction in risk of breast cancer related to the duration of each child's breastfeeding.

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