Effect of snake venom on ovarian cancer

Mohamed Shein, Taima (2020-02-29)

Cancer is one of the most life treating multi-faceted diseases that occur on account of uncontrolled cell production, accompanied by attack of local tissues and their metastasize ability. Cancer is ranking third for leading death source after infectious and cardiac diseases [1]. Two factors are involved which can caused cancer. These factors include external factors such as, radiations, chemicals, tobacco, viruses etc. Internal factors which involves, immune conditions, hormones and mutations (genetic alterations give rise to changes in expression, activation or localization of regulatory proteins in cells, affecting the signaling pathways that alter their response to regulatory stimuli and allow the unrestricted cell growth). This may act together or in sequence to instigate or promote carcinogenesis [1]. 2 Ovarian cancer, the second most common gynecological cancer is still ranked among the top 5 of female cancer deaths in the world. Because ovarian cancer is often asymptomatic, the majority of patients with newly diagnosed ovarian cancer present the disease in its advanced-stage. Ovarian cancer is a result abnormal cells that have the ability to invade or spread to the other parts of the body [1].


Ovarian cancer, the second most common gynecological is still ranked among the top 5 of female cancer death in word. The proliferation of tumor cell, angiogenesis, and the relationship between the cancer cell and the component of extracellular matrix and important in events of carcinogenesis, and these pathways are being use as targets for new anticancer treatment. Various venoms and their toxins have shown possible anticancer effect on ovarian cancer cell line, providing new perspectives in drug development. In this report searcher observed the effect of natural toxins from snake venom and mechanisms through which they can inhibit the growth and proliferation of ovarian cancer cell. This approach could improve the efficiency of normal therapies and could allow the administration of decreased dose of chemotherapy natural toxins from snake venom could become potential candidates for future treatment of ovarian cancer.

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