Holter Information System Workflow (HISW)

Abdalrhim Nashad, Estabreaq (2021-03-09)


Abstract The development and advancement of institutions currently depends largely on the use of computer technologies these days. Based on this, we have proposed an electronic system designed for the Department of Cardiac Patients at Benghazi Cardiac Center. This system simulates the manual administrative reality workflow (paper-based) and converts it to an electronic system that provides a verity of services. The system will improve the quality of health services delivery and the work done by doctors and the receptionist. In our proposed system we will implement a database and an interactive GUI interface called "The Holter Information System Workflow (HISW)". The system will facilitate the doctors and receptionist to electronically store patient's medical records and manage them in a faster, easy to use, safely and in a quality manner.

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