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  • Clinical system - Maryam 

    Almalik, Maryam (Faculty of Information Technology, 2019)
    It is a system that allows the user to enter some information about a patient, doctor, nurse and an intern.
  • Copart's and IAAI's 

    Adel, Mohamed (Faculty of Information Technology, 2019)
    it's a program which is made for calculating the Copart's and IAAI's final prices after the bidding like the Taxs and Local shipping from the auction yard to the international port.

    ATTIA JAI, AMAL (Libyan International Medical university "Faculty of Information Technology", 2017-10-20)
    Despite the bad conditions of our city Benghazi, it still teaches us how to continue and try to find new solutions by using technology which helps all citizens inside and outside the city. It is important to connect between ...
  • Electronic Prescription System 

    Mohamed Saad, Rabha (Libyan International Medical University, 2016-11-10)
    Health Information Technology The term "health information technology" (health IT) is a broad concept that encompasses a set of technologies to store, share, and analyze health information. Increasingly, health care ...
  • The Impact Of The Quality Of Electronic Banking Services On Customers Satisfaction In Bank of Commerce & Development In Benghazi Libya 

    Adel Al-Tawaty, Jeenan; Ahmed Al-Legmaty, Asma; Faraj Al-Arafi, Heba; Adam Al-Barghathy, Laila (Libyan International Medical university "Faculty of Information Technology", 2017-08-20)
    This study conducted to measure the impact of quality of electronic banking services on customer satisfaction, and this study came to test hypothesis to solve the research problem. The population of this study was faculty ...
  • M.T.S Pet Store Program 

    TARIQ SIDDIQ, Mukhtara (Faculty of Information Technology, 2019)
    The Program M.T.S Pet Store is actually made for the seller/cashier of pet store. It focuses on helping the customer and seller as much as possible. It starts with the logo for the Pet Store and asks for the user to continue ...
  • McYamo’s Fast Food Application 

    Glessa, Hesham A (Faculty of Information Technology, 2019)
    Description: sales from open to close, and gives the total amount of tax deducted and gives the average per customer to see how well business is going. You can subscribe which asks for an email and phone number, or you can ...
  • Measuring customer satisfaction with the quality of banking services in Libya 

    Alabar, Abudul wanes; azhar, Yasir; Gamal, Aya; Atia Jai, Amal; Zulfiqar Ali, Omar (Libyan International Medical university, 2017-07-22)
    The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the customer satisfaction of the banks sector of bank of commerce (tajara tanmia) in Libya, based on customer perception regarding service quality. This is an empirical study using ...
  • Myocardial Infarction Registry 

    Adel Al-Tawaty, Jeenan (Libyan International Medical university "Faculty of Information Technology", 2018-01-27)
    Myocardial infarction (MI) (ie, heart attack) is the irreversible death (necrosis) of heart muscle secondary to prolonged lack of oxygen supply (ischemia). ( A Maziar Zafari) Myocardial infarction (MI), commonly known ...
  • An outpatient electronic health record augmented with ICD-10 

    Tariq Saad Eldressy, Aynur (Libyan International Medical university, 2017-08-15)
    This document presents an information system designed for the pediatric Out Patient Department (OPD) in Benghazi Medical Centre. This system represent an electronic solutions to some of the problems facing the department, ...
  • Patient File System 

    Abd-alwanes Dinaly, Fathya (Libyan International Medical University, 2016-11-10)
    Health information technology (HIT) : is information technology applied to health and health care. It supports health information management across computerized systems and the secure exchange of health information between ...
  • PlayStation Store 

    Mohammed, Mohammed Fouzi Mohammed (Faculty of Information Technology, 2019)
    The user first Enters their ID, the ID has to be more than 8 characters. After the welcome screen, the user is presented with a menu of games categories (e.g, RPGs, Sports, Shooter… etc). the user chooses which category ...
  • Qween Application 

    ARWA, ELBALLALI (Faculty of Information Technology, 2019)
    This Application is for those people who are suffering from preparing their occasions, and lose time and effort trying to make them so special QWEEN had made it so much easier with QWEEN application you can manage ...
  • restaurant reservations - Thanaa 

    Elbourki, Thanaa (Faculty of Information Technology, 2019)
    This is a little sample of what a reservation website would look like. This program can be improved in many different ways. The purpose of this website is to save time and effort for the customers, instead of going to a ...
  • Venycia Supermarket 

    EL-Fellah, Sokena (Libyan International Medical university "Faculty of Information Technology", 2018-01-31)