A study of morphometric evaluation of the maxillary sinuses in normal subjects using computer tomography images

Aya, Hassan Asbali (2021-09-29)


Maxillary sinuses (MS) are two air filled bony cavities situated in the body of maxilla on either side of nasal cavity and can be of different sizes and shapes. It can be used for identification of individual and gender determination. CT is most reliable method for measurements of maxillary sinus dimensions. Aim: The present study was conducted to evaluate the anteroposterior and mediolateral diameter of Maxillary Sinus (MS) in determining gender by computed tomography (CT) scan. Material and methods: This study was performed in 46 adults (18-75 years) divided into 2 groups 24 females (52%) and 22 males (47%) retrospective review of the archives in Department of Radiology of the Ibn -Sina hospital in Benghazi – Libya. Result: The right and left MS (width and length) was measured and compared between males and females. The mean parameters of the MS of the females were found to be statistically insignificant equal in comparison to males. Classification function coefficients and accuracy level for each parameter in determining gender was done. The final result of the analysis shows that the mean of males and females approximately equal. Conclusion: The result of the present study shows there was no difference between male and females regarding to width and length of the MS. However, it has been found that the size of MS is decreasing with increasing the age of the case.

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