The magic of fish

Mohamed, Sameoeddin (2022-08-16)


Burns are one of the most common and serious forms of trauma worldwide , The world health organization (WHO) recorded about 180,000 deaths annually caused by burns and most of the cases belongs to low and middle income countries.1 Burn care have developed throughout the years , Nile Tilapia Fish Skin (NTFS) was suggested because the tilapia fish is cheap , available , high amounts of collagen type 1 in its skin and it histologically similar to the human skin.2 Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) belongs to the Cichlid family and originates from the Nile basin, in East Africa , and it is widespread throughout the world . The aim of this research is to show how the Nile Tilapia fish skin is used as a biological dressing and how it accelerates the process of wound healing.