Treatment and Prevention of Postpartum Psychosis

Rawan, Elgerbi (2022-08-16)


The birth of a baby can trigger a jumble of powerful emotions, from excitement and joy to fear and anxiety. But it can also result in something you might not expect — depression. Most new moms experience postpartum "baby blues" after childbirth, which commonly include mood swings, crying spells, anxiety and difficulty sleeping. (1) Baby blues typically begin within the first two to three days after delivery, and may last for up to two weeks. (1) Postpartum depression may be mistaken for baby blues at first — but the signs and symptoms are more intense and last longer. (1) Signs and symptoms Postpartum psychosis is a rare condition that typically develops within the first week after delivery. (1) The prevalence of postpartum psychosis in the general population is 1–2 per 1,000 childbirths, and the rate is 100 times higher in women with bipolar disorder or a previous history of postpartum psychosis.(2) Signs and symptoms: • Confusion and disorientation • Obsessive thoughts about your baby • Hallucinations and delusions, Sleep disturbances • Excessive energy and agitation • Paranoia • Attempts to harm yourself or your baby