Urine output is higher in an adult male than an adult female after consumption of lasix

Bulifa, Khadija (2022-09-04)


Urinating is a way for the body to remove toxins and waste from the body. And the body is expected to release a certain amount of urine each day based on the amount of liquid that's taken. And if the body is releasing more or less urine than it should, this can be a sign that the patient is suffering from a medical condition that will require attention. And the difference between male and female urine is not significant. However, they differ slightly with the composition since the type of sex hormones are different among the gender. Therefore, hormonal products and metabolites of the hormones vary from male and female urine. Actually there are several benefits of urination or urine excretion but the most important thing is that the organisms control osmotic pressure or the balance between inorganic ions and water to maintain acid-base balance through this process. It also helps in promoting homeostasis, a process that helps maintain the stability that helps the organs or biological systems to survive.