Difference between adult male and female in urine output after Lasix consumption.

Mustafa, Nuri (2022-09-04)


Urination it's have other name Micturition is a mechanism the Urine excretion from the urinary bladder, the control of urination by central nerve located in the spinal cord, brainstem, and the cerebral cortex, we first take a sample of 12 individuals 6males and 6female to do the urine dilution test, which involves giving a 1 liter of water and 40mg of Furosemide, the results of this study show that furosemide is more preferred by males than females, as shown after calculating the mean of both males and females. The exact cause of these differences is unknown, further studies should be reconsidering the number of donors and the information along with them, meaning their general health, body weight and height to clear the dose for each male and female separately and to limit its side effect