The Effect Of gender Difference on Diuretics Pharmodynamics of Furosemide

Hassan, Mariam (2022-09-05)


Any substance that causes diuresis, or increased urine production, is known as a diuretic. This includes diuretics that are imposed. However, in the realms of pharmacology and clinical therapy, there was no statistically significant difference between male and female FUR and urine output amount (P=0.142),(p > 0.05) in this study. The diuretic effect of oral 40mg furosemide was studied in 12 healthy individuals. Total urine production was collected for urine volume evaluation during the next 6 hours to determine urine flow excretion rates across the treatments. Male pee output averaged 302.4 to 604.8 ml, whereas female urine output ranged from 216.0 to 518.4 ml. The volume of urine produced by the male participant was greater than that of the female volunteer. The aim of this study the researchers wanted to see how much pee was produced in both men and women after taking diuretics.