Difference between adult male and female in urine output after Lasix consumption

salem, nayrouz (2022-09-05)


The possibility of gender differences in the relationship between dose and efficacy of drugs has historically been limited. The aim To find difference between adult male and female in urine output after Furosemide by data analysis values in males and females . Gender variations in drug disposition and responsiveness to therapeutic treatments have been demonstrated. In 6 male and 6 female normal volunteers, we assessed the diuretic response of oral and intravenous furosemide. On four successive days after fasting overnight, each patient received single doses of the various diuretics or no therapy. Over the next 24 hours, total urine production was collected for volume measurement and salt and potassium content testing. There was no statistically significant difference in urine flow rate, salt and potassium excretion rates between male and female individuals across treatments. When natriuretic response was corrected for mg/kg of intravenous furosemide dosage, male individuals showed a greater peak sodium excretion rate than female subjects.