Laboratory Examination for Urinary Tract infection

Elsaiti, Raghad (2022-08-08)


urinary tract infections in children is a significant problem and commonly caused by E. coli and require early diagnosis and treatment to prevent repeated UTI and renal scarring This study aim is to evaluate the usefulness of the point to Gram negative stain by physician on suspected UTI in children as a rapid diagnostic test The study was taken between January 2011 and December 2015 Patient age was 36 months or yonder who were reviewed wo was rivewed to the emergency room with UTI Urine culture and analysis and point if care gram stain was preform as specimen We compare the diagnostic performance among rapid diagnostic test kappa static were used to evaluate the agreement between the two results we also analyzed with antibiotics were susceptible to the patient patient rewiwed in the study for UTI the sensitivity and susceptibility were 73.2% and 95% While those at gram stain was 81.4% and 98.3%