The slide centrifuge gram stain as a urine screening method in women

Almgarif, Aseel (2022-09-13)


To screen for bacteriuria in women, a side centrifuge gram stain was used. 4161 urine specimens were submitted in urine preservative tubes for routine culture for slide centrifuges gram staining. Each urine the sample was mixed thoroughly, then 0.2 ml was pipette-filled into a slide centrifuge chamber and spun for 5 minutes at 2,000 rpm The slides were heat-fixed, gram stained, and examined by laboratory technicians who used a predefined pattern to scan 12 successive oil-immersion areas ds was of the A positive urine screen was defined as the presence of the same organism in six or more fields (E.coli was isolated in 75 percent of the females under research). Urine samples were grown using a0.001 ml loop and comparisons were made. According to a study published in 1956 by (Kass), gram stain smears of uncentrifuged urine were positive in 80 percent of specimens with bacteria counts of 100.000 or more CFU/ml. use We developed the slides centrifuge to aid in the the concentration of microorganisms for gram staining of body fluid specimens and we tested its utility as a fast urine screening the method in an adult female population. The quantitative culture was used to compare the results. Using the sequence illustrated in the image, 12)) successive fields on each slide were scanned swiftly by oil immersion microscopy, starting in the center of the slide centrifuge spot.)))