Relation between iron deficiency anima and hair loss

ALFEGY, JANA (2018-05-05)

Iron deficiency anemia is a common type of anemia when the body dos not have enough iron to produce hemoglobin adeficiency reslt ,oxygen can not be transfeered to body cell for growth and repair hair follicles are madeup of cells that require hemoglobin as well which mean that low iron level often result in hair fallingout and slow hair growth


Iron is involved in many critical physiologic processes within the hair follicle, suggesting that iron deficiency could disrupt hair synthesis it is the most common nutritional deficiency due to either to increased need for iron by the body or adecreased absorption or amount of iron taken(1) in iron deficiency is aconcern because can causes fatighue that impairs the ability to do physical work ,pale skin, headache, cold hand and feet ,hair loss and other condition in this report will disscus the rerelation between hair loss and iron dificncy a, the risk factor of iron deficiency which include Women. Because women lose blood during menstruation, women in general are at greater risk of iron deficiency anemia , nfants and children. Infants, especially those who were low birth weight or born prematurely, who don't get enough iron from breast milk or formula may be at risk of iron deficiency Frequent blood donors. People who routinely donate blood may have an increased risk of iron deficiency anemia since blood donation can deplete iron stores.. and how we can prevent it and how iron deficiencies causes hair loss most study found that there is a strong correlation between hair loss and low iron stores as a large proportion of women reporting hair loss had low ferritin (iron storage) levels, compared with the levels generally found in women. without hair

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