Relation between Breast & Prostatic cancer

Zidan, Mohammad Ahmad (2018-04-15)

Cancers of the breast and prostate are the most common invasive cancers diagnosed among women and men, respectively, they account for nearly 30% of all invasive cancers. A positive family history is a wellestablished risk factor for both cancers, particularly when they are diagnosed among first-degree family members. The risk increases with an increasing number of affected relatives and is inversely associated with the age at diagnosis of affected relatives. However, the relative risk for either breast or prostate cancer associated with the aggregation of both cancers within families has not been thoroughly investigated


Nearly 12% of men with advanced prostate cancer have inherited mutations in genes that play a role in repairing damaged DNA, according to a new study. Inherited mutations in DNA-repair genes—including BRCA2, ATM, and CHEK2—are associated with an increased risk of several other cancers, including breast, ovarian, and pancreatic cancer, Therefore, This lead us to assume the possibility of an hereditary relation between these cancers and explore it.

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