Osteoporosis in diabet patient

Mahmoud, Jalal Ibrahim (2018-04-13)

Duration of diabetes seems to play a key role given the lower BMD found among patients who have had diabetes for >5 years. In the Iowa Women’s Health Study, women with type 1 diabetes were 12.25 times more likely to report having had a fracture compared to women without diabetes , type 2 When considering all of the risk factors, patie nts with diabetes generally have an increased risk of falling because of peripheral neuropathy, possible hypoglycemia, nocturia, and visual impairment. Because many type 2 diabetic patients are obese and sedentary, coordination and balance factors that are protective in falls may be absent. Thus, patients with generally larger body size and relatively high bone mass may have higher fracture rates. Conversely, patient groups with low BMD, such as Asians, may have lower fracture rates when one considers all factors in a risk assessment


Osteoporosis is a bone condition defined by low bone mass, increased fragility, decreased bone quality, and an increased fracture risk , Type 1 diabetes has long been associated with low bone density , Type 2 diabetes was previously believed to provide bone protection because of its associated normal to increased BMD

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