Awareness of Libyans in the Prevention and Control of Communicable Diseases

Mohamed, Reem Naji (2018-04-13)

Over the past decades, the incidence and magnitude of communicable disease has grown most specially in less developed countries. Health concerns were triggered due to inflating reports on mortality, epidemic and alike. This concern caught the attention of some international organizations that strengthened their support that such disease should be eliminated. As the medical science and technology progressed in more years, initiatives for the eradication of communicable diseases were launched, and creating great optimism that such diseases would be eliminated


Health is one of the most important things to be maintained in this world for it is considered a wealth. Without health, problems will occur that can affect the entire populace. Communicable diseases are one of those affecting good health to which considered as one of the leading cause of illness and death throughout the world. With this, it is our great desire to know and analyze how Libyans are aware to the control and prevention of communicable disease

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