Sternal And Costochondral Infections Following Open-Heart Surgery

Shatwan, Maryam Abdulwahab Abdulmotaal (2018-07-10)

The incidence of sternal wound infection ranges from 0.43%–2.3% .though this incidence is low but it has serious consequences as it contributes to morbidity, increased cost and prolonged hospital stay as well as mortality many risk factors have been identified and analysed by randomized studies and most of these, however, remain unclear


From a series of 2,594 patients undergoing open-heart surgery, 39 had sternal or costochondral infections. Most of these infections were associated with a number of predisposing factors. One important factor was the use of bilateral internal mammary artery implants. The prognosis for patients with sternal wound infections appears related to the length of time required for institution of treatment and the adequacy of initial therapy, the prevention of serious sternal infections depends on a combination of proper preoperative preparation, attention to minute details at the time of operation, and recognition of variables predisposing to wound complications

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