Lifestyle intervention Type 2 Diabetes management

Al-Raied, Fatima Ahmad (2018-06-30)

Obesity, which is one of the foremost reasons for type 2 DM development and associated with higher CV risk, can be controlled with significant lifestyle modifications. Physical activity tends to increase the blood flow to the muscles resulting in increased uptake of glucose and oxygen .Hepatic glucose production and peripheral glucose uptake maintain glucose homeostasis in the resting and fed states 1 .It also known to improve the overall health status, ameliorate depressive symptoms, decrease the rate of hospitalizations, and improves psychological distress in patients with T2DM


Lifestyle intervention is an integral part of diabetes management along with dietary and pharmacological interventions. Lifestyle interventions, which include increased physical activity for example aerobic exercises, such as walking or dancing or combination with resistance training, such yoga ,which improves blood supply to the muscles. These have potential to prevent T2DM in high-risk individuals

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