Nitrous oxide sedation in dentistry

ben ataiga, Mabrouka farag (2018-04-19)

Nitrous oxide sedation is the lightest form of dental sedation , but it can provide adequate level of anesthesia and relaxation for most people and for majority of dental procedures. It was discovered by joseph preistly . it involves breathing a mixture of 30% nitrous oxide gas in combination with 70% oxygen can help anxious paitents to become more relaxed and co-operative during treatment without experiencing pain. Inhelation analgesia , as it is also called , is a method of conscious sedation because the patient remains a wake and conscious through at the procedure . it should not be confused with sleep dentistry which refers to unconscious sedation ( general anesthesia ). Nitrous oxide provides minimal sedation which is defined as a drug induced controlled external help , maintain their protective reflexes and the ability to respond normally to physical stimulation and to verbal commands


Nitrous oxide is a very quick acting inhaled sedation medicine that decreased discomfort and anxiety and it is also called " laughing gas ", nitrous oxide is a sweet – smelling , colorless , non-flammable gas , heavier than air or oxygen . It has significant medical uses especially in surgery and dentistry .

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