Relationship between pregnancy and periodontal disease

Bayou, Khairiah Mohamed Omar (2018-04-17)

During the course of a normal pregnancy, a series of profound and dynamic physiological changes occur in both the mother and developing the baby. Some of the pregnancy-induced immunological modifications in the mother increase her susceptibility to a number of infections, including periodontal disease. It also appears that periodontal infections are a group of infection and conditions that cause inflammation gingiva and surrounding structure, which lead to the destruction of supporting tooth structures. Periodontal infections are predominantly caused by gramnegative bacteria that induce local and systemic elevation of proinflammatory cytokines. It causes an increase in the risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes. Such outcomes include pre-term birth, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, delivery of a small for gestational-age infant, and fetal loss. Also, the using of periodontal therapy can affect in the pregnancy


In this report, we will discuss the relationship between the periodontal disease and pregnancy, which is bidirectional which means both have an effect on each other. The changing of hormonal pregnancy can cause pyogenic granuloma .And the periodontal diseases' bacteria can cause systemic effects which lead to pregnancy outcomes which have many presentations. The periodontal treatment can cause an effect in pregnancy.

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