Myelin Water Fraction Change In Febrile Seizures

Eloraibi, Zakaria Bashir Mohammed (2019-02-03)

Febrile seizures (FS) are seizure events occurring in children older than 1 month that are associated with a fever not caused by a central nervous system infection. They are the most common cause of seizures in children younger than 5 years of age. While most children with FS do not develop epilepsy. Simple FS is defined as a FS lasting less than 15 minutes and with no focality , while complex FS is defined as a seizure lasting longer than 15 minutes, focal manifestations, seizure recurrence in 24 hours[1] , abnormal neurologic examination findings, or history of afebrile seizures in a parent or sibling. One tool for quantitating myelin content is a novel imaging technique called mcDESPOT (multicomponentderived equilibrium single-pulse observation of T1 and T2). This quantitative magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technique estimates myelin water fraction (MWF)


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