No man's land! Why do Men Die Younger than Women?

Ali, Hibba Hassan (2019-01-22)

Men have shorter life expectancies than women in most nations around the world. Gender is an important factor determining the source of health information used. Women are more likely to seek advice from peers, magazines, books, and the television than men. There are also differences in how men from different socioeconomic groups access and respond to information.(1) United States research shows that men with health problems are more likely than women to have had no recent contact with a doctor regardless of income or ethnicity. This reluctance means that men often do not seek help until a disease has progressed or lack of awareness may also contribute to late diagnosis and can have serious consequences. The effects of heart disease, the greatest cause of early male death. The incidence of these disease could also be reduced by better knowledge of risk factors such as male obesity. Here the question is how would we equal the gender gap in mortality.(


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