End of Block 15 Examinations for Fourth Year Pharmacy Students

Students, PharmD (2020-01-11)

Fourth year pharmacy students conducted their end of block 15 exam (Neurological and Psychological Disorders). It is noteworthy that students study several blocks where the educational objectives of several disciplines are integrated. Moreover, Clinical Skills, Ethics are Literature Evaluation are given to students as supporting courses. The academic year at the Faculty of Pharmacy is made up of several blocks in which students study several learning objectives in different disciplines in order to achieve the goals adopted by the faculty. These goals rely on continuous innovation and development strategies that are based on advanced curricula that is in line with modern teaching methods. These methods create a Student-Centered Education where the position of students changes from just those who are knowledgeable to those who participate in making and obtaining knowledge. The Faculty of Pharmacy at the Libyan International University is the first in Libya and the region that adopts a new educational program which qualifies students to obtain a PharmD degree using the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) method. PBL is a method of interactive learning through small groups using carefully chosen problems that mimic the reality and peculiarities of the professional practice in order to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to be: 1. An integral component of the medical staff. 2. An element capable of practicing clinical pharmacy with its comprehensive perspective. 3. An element capable of formulating drug policies. 4. A pharmacist expert in medicine. 5. A pharmacist specialized in economics of medicine


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