Seminar for First Year Pharmacy Students

Students, PharmD (2020-02-20)

Four groups of first year students at the Faculty of Pharmacy presented their poster presentation on the 12th of February 2020 as part of the requirements of the second educational block entitled General Dispensing. The first group consisted of the two students: Nebras Amer and Safa Abdullah who presented a poster entitled Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The second group consisted of the three students: Fatimah Adel, Sarah Ramadan and Eman Benhalim who presented a poster entitled Color Blindness. The third group consisted of the three students: Haneed Mohammed, Ritaj Ahmed and Jamal Ramadan who presented a poster entitled Delayed Speech in Children. The fourth group consisted of the three students: Najat Sami, Salsabeel and Wafa Ahmed who presented a poster entitled Stem Cell Therapy (Benefits & Risks). It is worth noting that the presentations are prepared by students in the form of groups so that each group addresses a different topic. Before the presentations, students first sit for an individual test, after which students are divided into several teams and the same questions are discussed as a team. Then, students meet with teaching staff members who discuss the students answers and undertake a comparison of students ’answers with the correct answers. Finally, the students discuss with the staff members any unclear points in the brain storming session, lectures and laboratories during the past week. In addition, the faculty members direct some questions to the students in order to find out the extent of their understanding and assimilation of scientific content.


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