Report Discussions for Second Year PharmD Students

Students, PharmD (2020-03-03)

Second year students at the Faculty of Pharmacy held a scientific session on the 1st of March 2020 to discuss and review their scientific reports by the tutors. The reports are prepared after the students have completed both the Brainstorming and Debriefing sessions. After this discussion, students perform the required amendments, and then submit the reports to the university's electronic scientific curriculum system (Moodle) to be used in the future or converted into a scientific paper. The students ’scientific reports originate from the university’s strategies for self-learning, lifelong learning, knowledge production, community service, and preparing and qualifying highly qualified professionals with the ability to meet the community’s needs and carry out scientific research. It is worth noting that the Libyan International Medical University is considered a pioneer institution in private medical higher education in Libya, and it has contributed to preparing graduates who are distinguished with the appropriate knowledge, skills, competencies and good professional behaviors that enable them to practice the profession, and to conduct scientific research in various fields in their specialization.


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